Greenwood Landscaping

We have been installing decking for many years and have a wide range of experience in everything from design to installation of your decking. Upon arrival, we shall discuss various options available to you to achieve your dream decking.


Once we have achieved a design your happy with, we'll go away and put together a fully detailed quote of your decking and email it to you to digest in the comfort of your own home. Once approved by you, we will then book you in our diary for a convenient start date. All our Decking projects are constructed in compliance with Building Regulations (if required) we takecare of all this on your behalf and issue relevant certificates upon completion.

  • Decking provides a perfect place to entertain your friends. If you would like to invite people over to your house for dinner you should consider making a decked area available as an entertaining space. You will be able to invite more people than you could if you were restricted to the inside space.
  • Adding decking to your home can increase its value and desirability. in case you. Homebuyers want to see a family-oriented outdoor space and a decked space is often the sought-after feature. When a prospective buyer is narrowing down their finalists and getting down to the details, decking cuts it. This outdoor space helps them picture themselves living in and using that space.

Decking is an stunning and practical addition to different aspects of a home and garden. As a homeowner thinking of building a deck at your house, achieving it will greatly add to the beauty, value, and look of your outdoor space.